Congratulations to our PhD student Xiaoming Li on publishing his first 1st author paper about TGF-β-mediated […]
For the third time, the Hector Fellow Academy has presented the Hector Research Career Development (RCD) […]
On 30 January we celebrated the launch of the SFB 1531 Integrated Research Training Group led […]
Congratulations to our IVS member Xiaozhu Zhou for her successful MD defense!
We are happy that CRC 1366 “Vas­cular Control of Organ Function” was extended for 4 years. […]
Congratulations to our director Ingrid Fleming, who is among the best 1000 female scientists in the […]
Congratulations to Sebastian from the IVS as well as Melina and Frederike from the Vascular Research […]
Congratulations to our IVS member Zumer Naeem for her successful PhD defense!
Congratulations to Zumer Naeem and Xiaoming Li for receiving poster prizes at the 8th European Workshop […]
We had a visit from students of the biology advanced course of the Kinzig School Schlüchtern […]