Aktuelle Informationen

Congratulations to IVS members Xiaozhu Zhou and Yanis Afir for winning a […]
From 3-4 July the SFB 1531 IRTG Summer School took place at […]
CPI and IVS hosted a delegation of outstanding chinese PhD students that […]
We are proud of our director Prof. Ingrid Fleming to be appointed […]
Congratulations to our lab member Maria Drekolia for winning one of the […]
In her first 1st author paper, Janina could show that S-sulfhydration of […]
Congratulations to our PhD student Xiaoming Li on publishing his first 1st […]
For the third time, the Hector Fellow Academy has presented the Hector […]
On 30 January we celebrated the launch of the SFB 1531 Integrated […]
Congratulations to our IVS member Xiaozhu Zhou for her successful MD defense!
We are happy that CRC 1366 “Vas­cular Control of Organ Function” was […]
Congratulations to our director Ingrid Fleming, who is among the best 1000 […]
Congratulations to Sebastian from the IVS as well as Melina and Frederike […]
Congratulations to our IVS member Zumer Naeem for her successful PhD defense!
Congratulations to Zumer Naeem and Xiaoming Li for receiving poster prizes at […]
We had a visit from students of the biology advanced course of […]
SFB 1531 “Damage control by the stroma vascular compartment” has just been […]
At the 6th World Congress on Hydrogen Sulphide in Biology and Medicine […]
Congratulations to our director Prof. Dr. Ingrid Fleming who is receiving the […]
Congratulations to our IVS member Fredy Delgado Lagos for his successful PhD […]
On 4 and 5 May the farewell symposium of SFB 834 took […]
Congratulations to Fredy, who received a two-year grant from the Rolf M. […]
Auf der 100. Jahrestagung der Deutschen Physiologischen Gesellschaft […]
Herzlichen Glückwunsch an Dr. Mauro Siragusa für die Organisation des EVBO/ESM Vascular [...]
Die International Union of Physiological Sciences (IUPS) ist ein gemeinnütziger Zusammenschluss von [...]
Aufgrund einer Reihe von neuen Fördermitteln haben wir mehrere Stellen zu besetzen. […]
Der SFB 1039 wurde um weitere 4 Jahre verlängert! Mehr Informationen [...]
Cystein-Stoffwechsel: die Antwort auf die endotheliale Alterung? Im Rahmen des [...]
Herzlichen Glückwunsch an Iris, die mit dem Oskar-Lapp-Forschungspreis auf der 87. Jahrestagung der [...]
Wissenschaftler des Institute for Vascular Signalling (Direktorin: Prof. Dr. Ingrid Fleming) [...]
Iris erhielt ihre Professur (W1 Tenure Track) für kardiovaskuläre Surveillance im März [...]
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