Slots for 6 week practical courses for the MSc in Molecular Medicine are regularly offered. At the moment we can host fewer students than normal because of the Corona restrictions.

BSc thesis. The IVS offers limited positons for BSc thesis project work, generally linked with running projects.

MSc thesis. The IVS offers positons for MSc thesis project work to students of the Goethe University as well other Universities in the Rhine-Main area. Currently open topics include the study of microproteins, cysteine metabolism and epigenetic regulation of vascular physiology and metabolism.

Students interested in any of these internships should contact the IVS making sure to include a brief CV and statement of interest (PDF files only please).

Visualization of vascular endothelial cells (green) and lymphatic endothelial cells (red) in the mouse ear. Several IVS projects currently address mechanisms influencing lymphangiogenesis.